Better Rails Debugging with better_errors and jazz_hands

Go beyond the stacktrace with 2 gems that grant you debugging superpowers. Better Errors Does this screen look familiar? Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? That is correct, that is the default Rails error page and you are absolutely right, it is completely hideous and hurts to look at. It is begging to be improved. By answering these questions you have already proven yourself to »

Configuring Sublime Text 2

I have been a (relatively) long time Sublime Text 2 user. Early 2011, I was running Ubuntu on my laptop and wasn’t happy with any text editors I was finding. I gazed longingly at TextMate on my colleagues’s Macbooks, but overall I was happy with my OS choice and wasn’t ready to make that leap. Then I discovered Sublime, and fell in love. Over time I have learned some things, and developed some methods »

Understand Your True $PATH

I recently took some time to actually understand what the hell was going on in my terminal config file (I use ZSH, but this post should apply to BASH as well). The thing that pushed me over the edge was that I was running into a situation where I had different versions of git that were being used in different situations. I was working on an Adobe Air app that was somehow using my system git, instead »

CoffeeScript jQuery Animated Scrolling Sidebar

I have been really getting into writing CoffeeScript lately, so I decided to revisit the jQuery floating sidebar I blogged about a while back. The logic is the same, other than using a named function to increase readability. The code is shrunk from 40 lines to 28 lines (with extra line breaks for readability). More importantly, I believe the code is easier to understand. The basic concept is to create »

Installing PHP 5.4 on Centos 5.7

I am not what one would consider a sys admin. I do enjoy running my own VPS and mucking about with things like installing the newest version of PHP, but my knowledge doesn’t extend very far past yum and rpm. So using only those 2 tools I set out and succeeded in installing PHP 5.4. After what seemed like too much time trying to find a Centos 5 compatible package I found remi’s repository and installed »

Sending Emails with PDF attachments in Drupal 7

I wrote my first blog post on the company blog the other day. It was about the frustratingly poorly documented problem of sending emails with attachments in Drupal. I also add on a neat little trick for hijacking the print module to print pdf versions of content on the site, and pipe it directly into the attachment - no saving a copy of every pdf you generate on the site. Head on over there for the »

The End of an Era - Good Riddance

So this is one of those personal blog entries that is really written more for myself than for any audience. I have not posted in a while and have been thinking that I really should put something up here. I have a couple interesting code things that have been rattling around in my head, and those will make it here or to Rapid Development Group’s Blog in the near future. However today I will talk about »


Fixing Macfusion / MacFuse for Snow Leopard - Mount SSH Drives in Mac OS X

This is just a quick heads up to anyone trying in vain to get MacFuse and Macfusion to work with the new 64 bit versions of Snow Leopard in order to mount an SSH drive. Don’t listen to anyone but this guy. I have been searching for a while and following all the “fixes” that fixed the myriad problems with MacFuse coming to Snow Leopard. However, those have all been mostly fixed in the latest version »

Creating an Animated Floating Sidebar With jQuery

I finally got around to implementing a floating sidebar that contains all of my follow links contained in my header. Lots of sites have a floating sidebar, but I wanted mine to be a little different. First, the items in my sidebar come flying out of the header to the sidebar when the user scrolls down past the header, instead of being fixed over on the side. You will also notice a nifty little elastic »

jQuery Masonry is Bad Ass

jQuery Masonry is a sweet layout plugin for jQuery. They describe it as “The flip side of CSS floats”. It aligns elements vertically then horizontally, minimizing the vertical gaps between elements of varying heights. I created my own sandbox for playing around with masonry. Like any layout, it has it’s time and place. I would consider this primarily an alternative layout, only to be used when trying »