Fixing Macfusion / MacFuse for Snow Leopard - Mount SSH Drives in Mac OS X

This is just a quick heads up to anyone trying in vain to get MacFuse and Macfusion to work with the new 64 bit versions of Snow Leopard in order to mount an SSH drive. Don’t listen to anyone but this guy. I have been searching for a while and following all the “fixes” that fixed the myriad problems with MacFuse coming to Snow Leopard. However, those have all been mostly fixed in the latest version of Macfusion. The thing that hasn’t been fixed in even the latest beta version of MacFuse is 64 bit Kernel support.

The version of MacFuse found in the link is an unofficial beta that fixes the problem. I am not sure why it hasn’t been taken into MacFuse proper (which doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2008). So as a public service I am making a giant button, since it took me forever to find.

Click here to fix MacFuse for 64-bit Snow Leopard

Ross Hunter

Computer Philosopher
Grand Rapids, MI