Ross Hunter

Computer Philosopher

I’m Ross Hunter, host of The New Best Practices, a podcast about the process of creating software. Lately I’ve mostly been doing training and leadership, but I’ve also been building stuff with Rails API & Vue. In the past I have done React, Angular, Ember, iOS, Python, Drupal, & more. I have lead the development of software, as well as the design of agile processes for start-ups.

I kicked-off my career in software by starting my own e-commerce business selling Racquetball equipment. I went on to work at some great software consultancies, then through a couple start-ups as lead developer. Now I’m back out on my own, helping growing companies with their software needs as an independent consultant, leading product development and training teams.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI where I am pretty involved in the local tech community. I am (or have been) an organizer for Beer City Code, GRWebDev, Code For Good, BarCampGR & West Michigan Ruby.

I’m happily married & enjoy spending time with my wonderful daughter, promoting progressive politics, playing nerdy games & making loud sounds.

Every now & again I write about software.