Ross Hunter

Computer Philosopher

Hi, I’m Ross! I’m a Software Person and lately I’ve been building stuff with Rails or Node APIs & Vue. In the past I have done Go, React/Angular/Ember, iOS, Python, Drupal/Wordpress, & more. I have lead the development of software, as well as the design of agile processes for start-ups.

Once up a time, I was host of The New Best Practices, a podcast about the process of creating software. We’re on hiatus at the moment, but we’ll probably do some more episodes before we die.

I kicked-off my career in software by starting my own e-commerce business selling Racquetball equipment. I went on to learn at some great software consultancies, then through a couple start-ups, leveling up to Lead Product Engineer. Now I’m back out on my own, helping growing companies with their software needs as an independent consultant, leading product development and training software teams.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI where I am pretty involved in the local tech community. I am (or have been) an organizer for Beer City Code, GRWebDev, Code For Good, BarCampGR & West Michigan Ruby.

I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart & I love teaching my wonderful daughter about the nerdy games that daddy plays with his nerd friends. I’m a staunch progressive, avid frisbee thrower & I love making loud, rock n’ roll shaped sounds.

Every now & again I write about software.