CoffeeScript jQuery Animated Scrolling Sidebar

I have been really getting into writing CoffeeScript lately, so I decided to revisit the jQuery floating sidebar I blogged about a while back. The logic is the same, other than using a named function to increase readability. The code is shrunk from 40 lines to 28 lines (with extra line breaks for readability). More importantly, I believe the code is easier to understand.

The basic concept is to create function which I have called jitteryScroll that either scrolls the sidebar items, or returns them to the header if the scroll is at the top of the page. Then I define a function that fires on scroll and I use setTimeout in order to prevent the scroll function from overloading the browser (the scroll function fires like a machine gun when a user scrolls a page).

s Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Ross Hunter

Computer Philosopher
Grand Rapids, MI