Ross Hunter

I do things with computers sometimes

My name is Ross Hunter, I’m a pretty cool web dude and I’ve been making stuff happen on the internet in some form since the turn of the century. At the moment I am writing all sorts of code for

Lately I have been doing a lot of Rails, Ember, and Objective C. In the past I have done (non-Rails) Ruby, CoffeeScript, Python, Drupal, Angular, UX, and more. Before I got into software I was a small business proprietor and before that I was a Chemist.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI where I am pretty involved in the local tech community. I am/have been an organizer for Beer City Code, GRWebDev, GRGiveCamp, BarCampGR and West Michigan Ruby.

I am super happily married and enjoy spending time with my wonderful daughter, promoting progressive politics, playing nerdy games and rockin’ out.

Every now and again I write blog posts.